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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

DEC 7th 2010-

I am trying to revitalize this blog of mine but still searching for something to write. Well, life changes a lot from my last post which was about 18 months ago. This is also the age of my lovely son. Its not easy being a dad and there are lots of joys and sadness involve. Well, lots of things had happened during these 18 months period. One particular thing that is very obvious is my life have changed tremendously, not because I am a dad but also my lifestyle and social activities changed. Why? I hope i can write it one one by one here myself . (as i am always a lazy and lousy writer).

Cyrus was born on 23rd of June 2009 and i stopped writing on my blog on the 15. Now he is 11/2 yrs old and i hope he will be a much better writer than me in future, I know he will be. Having him is a gift from god and we really cherish him. He gave us lots of joy and happiness (but of course there are hard times). The way he smile and talk to us just release all our tension and hard work you have been through outside the house.

During this 11/2 yrs period I do have my ups and downs too. I loss a good friend of mine where we come across something that involve monetary issues. Sometimes losing this friend of mine I asked myself are all friendship genuine or every friendship just to take advantage of each other? the more I know about human the more I can see the ugly side of them. I have been meeting a bunch of people that really talking to each other just to make sure in the end of the day they have some advantages. I can see human are so typical, they can talk to two different people with different social status (wealth) differently. Its so fake ! BUT , that is how it works if you want to earn a living and sometimes you need to be like them to survive. In the process, I have really learned and even indulge into something I thought it was totally unacceptable last time. That is how I have changed and not to the better but wiser I guess..

I don't know how many people will read this blog , and I also don;t know how much I can write here. I wish I can translate all inside my heart to words . I can't say I had been through lots for this 11/2 yrs but what I had done is not normal to myself before this. All I hope is that I can achieve what I am working on .

Monday, June 15, 2009

Finally... Decision Made

After lots of negotiation and thinking , I finally rejected the business venture. It has been a long long weeks after days and days of negotiation and thinking. I think I will write down one by one so that I will not forget what actually happened .

Actually I started accepting the offer with 2 conditions . After 2 weeks of negotiation they could not agree with the 2nd condition , being the reason that it will be more beneficial to me after they have accept the 2nd condition. This time I did not tolerate with them if they do not accept the 2nd condition. So finally I decided not to join them in the "risky" business.

It is a long stories for me being so harsh with the decision. Maybe one of my friend really taught me "indirectly" how a person need to protect his/her own interest. He told me before , no one will appreciate what you have done to others , they will only know that you are a "stupid" unselfish person. This is because everyone will only care about their own interest and think for themselves before you. So, if you are doing something , it has no point thinking for others. :p

Hope my decision will not make me missed an opportunity that i have described earlier.

Monday, May 25, 2009


I wonder how will people react when they reach a certain stage where they need to make a very important decision? I mean "IMPORTANT" as in it involve your future financially , your confident in people and also your family... (of course it will not go to the extend till life is involve).

I believe when you are in this stage of life you will have lots of opinion from your close friends as well as you family members. But guess what the worst part is the final decision is still yours... No matter how most of the people around your agree/disagree , the final decision will still goes back to you.

As for myself i have and been gone through all sort of decision and I can tell you, it is much more easier to make up my mind if I am all alone. When you have your family and "responsibilities" (remember its not Burden or commitment) , things will be totally different when you make a decision like that. I believe everyone no matter men or women, they have their responsibilities... when these comes in you will look at things very differently.

While I was typing this , he just called and ask me what is my decision... TO GO OR NOT TO GO???? I have given him the time frame till end of this month to really have my final decision. Well, lots of people will start questioning me that what the point I need so much time to decide rather than giving them the final decision NOW. Why? Maybe these few days I need to ask myself lots of "what if " question so that i have more preparation is things really goes wrong. Until I really sort out those questions myself ...

With lots of negative reports and uncertainties... everyone is not encouraging me to go into it.. but as for myself , I think that : OPPORTUNITIES ONLY COMES WHEN THERE IS RISK !

Have anyone here heard about risk free opportunities or venture? Maybe there are if you are talking about those Wawasan 2020 and those other fixed income trust funds.

Well, I am not writing all this for her to read but just to tell you how i feel....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

After 6 months.....

Calculating from the last post it has been 6 months that i did not updated here. *I am thinking some reasons why I am not updating the blog*. Am I too busy ? Am I too lazy ? Or is it just because my life is so dull after the big day? Maybe there are some of each and I can blame on anything .....

Some of the update, after the first Vietnam trip I did went there the second time around March 2009. It is just a business trip which does not bare any result ( this is only decided/known recently) . Nothing much to talk about since it has not been something successful. Told you that my life is so uneventful till there are nothing much for me to blog about.

Well, of course there are something for me to look forward to. That will the the arrival of my little prince, CYRUS (well , I have not finalise yet with the name) . Well, if there are anyone reading this blog have any better name please feel free to write in your comment. Guess there are less than a handful of people will be reading this..

Before I leave here just some nice building view from Hong Kong that I took.... Oh ya, I will be back telling how it feel and what is there to expect from the father's perspective when you are expecting the 1st child...

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here I am again... Waiting...

It now 1130am and I'm now at LCCT. I am waiting for my flight to Ho Chin Minh, Vietnam which will only depart at 5.45pm.. (yes its about 6 hrs from now). Sometimes , it sound so ridiculous but true for someone like me from Ipoh need to take about 12 hrs just to reach Hanoi from Ipoh. Another reason for this is because of the school holiday , all the buses from Ipoh to LCCT is so fully booked that i need to take an earlier bus. Still, talking about the transportation of out country its still unacceptable for someone from a city IPOH to get to LCCT so troublesome. Come on, Ipoh is one of the biggest city in Malaysia. Anyway, I used to complain and complain about this issue but still I am accepting the fact of it by waiting here alone for a freaking 6 hrs....

Well, it has been sometime I did not update my blog here. Firstly , I am not a good writer and there are lots of thing that i can't put it in words. Even I did there are only limited readers will understand what I try to explain here. Actually, what i wanted to write today is (at least this will help me to used up my 6hrs waiting time) that finally I got to travel again. After about 1year and 5 months I can fly somewhere to have a rest ( although it might not be a holiday trip). This time I will be going to Ho Chi Minh City at Vietnam. I have not been there before and I have no idea what to expect there , so will try to write more about the city once I am back . What else can I write , i only used about 30 min until now.. and there are still about 5hrs plus for me to use.

Lately I have been doing lots of thing that I seldom do before this . Why? I have been asking this question myself and still I have no good reason for myself for all that i have done. One of the reason that I know is to widen my circle of friends (opps , cant call those friends maybe contacts or oppurtunities). After having some roadblock and failure at what I am doing previously , so many things seem to be in doubt. It was like when you are working at a MNC with good pay and reputation and you depend all your living and hope in to in where all you are doing is to work for that company. Your life and hope are all into it, but suddently your superior come to you and tell you , "Our company are in trouble and there will be no future oppurtunities that we can do". Firstly you will start to ask , so waht am I gonna do? Will I be fired or what? If yes, how the hell am I able to pay for my "LOANS" (car , house, club membership and others). Well, as for an employee we can always start looking for an alternative job which can offer us something similiar or even better as long as you have the capabilities and experience. As fro me, getting an alternative means going into another venture where you need connection risk. From this moment I start to feel im too introvert that I have much contacts or friends that can open up my oppurtunities. All those uncertainties and contraints just come togehter after you have put all your hope into something... The feeling is just like when you are enjoying a nice journey at a very bright road and suddently while you are happily working for the journey the lights turn off. Will you just stop there or struggle to keep going or get and alternative to continue the journey? No one but yourself to give you the best answer and that is the best answer for you and peoples that care about you.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


After I have change my title of this Blog this is the first time I'm thinking of changing it again... (just after 1 yr) . Seem that life will never be as smooth as we planned. We just cant do what we have planned , there are lots of other thing that will affect our plan directly... especially when u have to face with a decision making time....

Will my life just stop progressing and be stagnant forever here? Should I or will I still struggle to search for what I have been fighting/searching for the pass 10 years? Is there anyone that can tell me ? Or even better if there is some one that can help me. Why should i be facing all this without anyone understanding it? ... WHY WHY WHY

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lesson Learn

My last entry is on 21st of July and today is 11 th of Sept. I'm asking myself between this period have i done anything "special" or "interesting" that worth to be remember? erm... NOPE !

That does not mean I just sit there scratching my balls and doing nothing , just that my day to day life just so uneventful that not worth telling people. BUT !!

During this period I have learn about what we need to survive in this "man eat man" society. Sometimes its hard to survive being nice and trustworthy to people. No matter what we do we will say something that people don't like to listen. "Lesson Learn: TRY TO SAY NICE WORDS THAT EVERYONE LIKE TO LISTEN". To be prepared with people that is "fake" to you in whatever you do, "Lesson Learn: MAKE SURE YOURSELF IS WELL BACK-UP AND PROTECTED". That means no matter what you engage in with these people make sure you are well prepared and protected. Sometimes, even your worst enemies can be your good friend one day , "Lesson Learn: WE WILL BE "ACQUAINTANCE" IF BOTH OF YOU HAVE MUTUAL RELIABLE IN CERTAIN FINANCIAL BENEFITS." Basically, you can't be yourself if you wanna be sucessful in this world. We have to be what the society want us to be so that we can survive in this world.

In conclusion, we as human are so complicated that it needs lots of (or even a life time) learning progress. Asking myself day after day, what type of person I need to become and why? Why is it so hard just being nice to people and have some smooth and trustworthy partnership goes? Do we need to live with lies and "fake" personalities????

There are basically 2 type of person (as one of my friend told me):-

1) This type of people do not worry about their financial problem and just life a life "as it is". They can't complain about that they get but just accept what they are given and life with it with a peaceful an uneventful life. They will have tonnes of time to spend with families but less luxuries in life.

2) This type of people need to go out and socialise and meet people. They need to always remember at the back of their mind that everyone they meet will have their usefulness in future. They are always following some kind of "plan" in their life so that they can achieve certain achievement. They will never be grateful for what they have at the moment and always going out looking for the best in life.

So, what type of person you would like to be? Is it worth being that?